Deformity Correction and Llizarov Technique

Physical deformities of the feet may occur as a result of a birth defect, injury, disease or other factors, and can cause pain, difficulty walking, limited range of motion as well as self-consciousness and embarrassment about the appearance of the foot. Correction of a physical deformity can usually be achieved through advanced surgical techniques performed by a skilled and experienced surgeon.

The Ilizarov technique is an advanced surgical procedure that treats deformities of the bones caused by a wide range of factors. This procedure involves the use of external fixators such as rings, rods and Kirschner's wires, which are used to properly align and set the bone, allowing it to heal properly and correct the deformity.

There are no incisions required during this procedure, significantly reducing the risk of infection, hemorrhage, tissue damage and other complications often associated with surgery. Patients remain mobile throughout the entire treatment process and only need a short hospital stay before they can fully dedicate themselves to proper healing and recovery.